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gimp xcf v011: Truncated metadata in exiftool 11.30
« on: April 12, 2019, 01:31:41 PM »
Realizing that my aged exiftool (10.68) cannot handle GIMP's current XCF file format, I downloaded 11.30 (for Windows) to give it a try.
Unfortunately that version has major problems with reading the XCF metadata (for no obvious reason):
The output of exis tool was:
MIME Type                       : image/x-xcf
XCF Version                     : 11
Image Width                     : 1080
Image Height                    : 864
Color Mode                      : RGB Color
Compression                     : RLE Encoding
X Resolution                    : 300
Y Resolution                    : 300
Tattoo                          : 3
Units                           : Inches
Metadata Tag Name               : Exif.GPSInfo.GPSAltitude
Metadata Tag                    : 0

(That's it!)

When loading the file in Emacs, I can see themetadata block like this:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <tag name="Exif.GPSInfo.GPSAltitude">0/10</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.GPSInfo.GPSLatitude">0/1 0/1 0/1</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.GPSInfo.GPSLongitude">0/1 0/1 0/1</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.Image.BitsPerSample">8 8 8</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.Image.ImageLength">864</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.Image.ImageWidth">1080</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.Image.ResolutionUnit">2</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.Image.XResolution">300/1</tag>
  <tag name="Exif.Image.YResolution">300/1</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.dc.description">lang=&quot;x-default&quot; Ambiente Beleuchtungsmessung Gl  hbirne Philips R39 30W</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.dc.title">lang=&quot;x-default&quot; Beleuchtungsmessung Gl  hbirne 30W Spektrum
  <tag name="Xmp.iptcExt.DigitalSourceType"></tag>
  <tag name=""></tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.DocumentID">gimp:docid:gimp:5c68107b-3c9d-4a41-bca2-88eb934d42c0</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.History[1]/stEvt:action">saved</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.History[1]/stEvt:changed">/metadata</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.History[1]/stEvt:instanceID">xmp.iid:8ecd34d2-5d0c-4896-90a4-9a8f6413c26a</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.History[1]/stEvt:softwareAgent">Gimp 2.10 (Windows)</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.History[1]/stEvt:when">2019-04-09T23:06:15</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.InstanceID">xmp.iid:e1880455-f63d-45c3-b696-5866e0824748</tag>
  <tag name="Xmp.xmpMM.OriginalDocumentID">xmp.did:ba366662-459d-43cc-a776-9f7593db2bf6</tag>

So where is the rest? (Note: There exists a bug report for GIMP on encoding umlauts (like 'ü') incorrectly (, hoping that is not the reason for this issue)


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Re: gimp xcf v011: Truncated metadata in exiftool 11.30
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2019, 01:40:37 PM »
What was the command you used?  Does the output change when you add the -a (duplicates) option?

My first guess is that this is a FAQ #3a problem. 
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Troubleshooting hints:
* When posting, include your OS, Exiftool version, and type of file you're processing (MP4, JPG, etc).
* Double all percent signs (%) in a Windows batch file.
* If your GPS coords are negative, make sure and set the GpsLatitudeRef and GpsLongitudeRef tags correctly.