Author Topic: MWG:DateTimeOriginal returns nothing when there's just XMP:DateCreated  (Read 774 times)


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When a file contains XMP:DateCreated but no EXIF:DateTimeOriginal, the MWG:DateTimeOriginal tag returns nothing:

> exiftool -a -G1 -DateTimeOriginal -DateCreated test.jpg
[XMP-photoshop] Date Created                    : 1999:07:04 17:49:16-07:00
> exiftool -MWG:DateTimeOriginal test.jpg
> exiftool -ver

But the MWG Guidelines and the ExifTool MWG Tags documentation both indicate that it should return XMP:DateCreated?  The test file is attached.

ExifTool 10.58 / OS X 10.12.5

Phil Harvey

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Hi John,

Thanks for this report!  This will be fixed in ExifTool 10.59

- Phil
...where DIR is the name of a directory/folder containing the images.  On Mac/Linux, use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") around arguments containing a dollar sign ($).